Technical specifications and work volumes of the road:

Total length of the road
12,20 km
Width of traffic lane
3,75 m
Number of traffic lanes
8:12 lanes
Road pavement
580 000 m2
Thickness of pavement
910 mm
Thickness of asphalt pavement
270 mm
2 800 000 m3
Capping layer
182 000 m3
Base course
123 000 m3
Asphalt-concrete mixture
384 000 tons
Concrete works
38 700 m3
Number of bridges
3 ea
Number of pedestrian bridges
7 ea
Various diameter drainage pipes
39 500 pm
Concrete kerb stone
66 000 pm
Steel hand rails
58 000 pm

Under the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan about approval of «Plan of additional measures to improve the transport system in Baku», in March of 2007 «AZVİRT» LLC started execution of works under the project of “Reconstruction and upgrading of the highway from Boyukshor roundabout to Heydar Aliyev International Airport”.

"Reconstruction and upgrading of the highway from Boyukshor roundabout to Heydar Aliyev International Airport" provides timely and safe arrival of vehicles to Heydar Aliyev International Airport coming from the city. 4 lanes of 8-12 lanes road are the express roads and they provide direct movement of the vehicles to the airport. In order to provide more convenient movement of vehicles in the area of settlements 12 lanes road from Boyukshor roundabout to Sabunchu roundabout and 8 lanes road from Sabunchu roundabout to the Airport were constructed. The length of the road is 12,2 km.

In order to regulate traffic on the road, 3 multi-level overhead crossings - road junctions (Sabunchu junction, Bridge over railway, Surakhani junction), 1 bridge over channel, underground tunnel (6,0m x 2,5 m with the total length of 120m) for oil pipelines, 6 overpasses and 1 pedestrian underpass were constructed at the intersections. Drain pipes with the total length of 39 500 pm have been installed to remove rain and underground waters from the road.

For the first time in Azerbaijan “AzVirt” LLC used in road construction:

Crushed stone-mastic and polymer asphalt covering;

Construction of soil reinforced retaining wall;

Intellectual system of traffic control;

Construction works were completed in 2010.