The environmental protection and maintenance of the ecological balance are among the major issues of concern for humanity today. In view of this, the particular responsibility lies with the construction companies.

The AzVirt Company, strictly adhering to the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) principles, ensures a number of specific measures to be taken in this regard, including:

provision of an environmental assessment on the territory preparatory to the project implementation;

evaluation of the possible impact on the environment and the existence of the population to arise as a result of repair and construction works;

implementation of particular measures to protect the environment during construction work;

building of special safety fencing during construction work in residential areas;

arrangement of the environmentally safe elimination of waste accrued in the course of the works performed;

use of the raw and consumable materials meeting the environmental safety standards.

Laboratory tests show that the Company uses the non-hazardous stone-mastic and polymer asphalt concrete mixes, as well as activated mineral powders. They are environmentally safe and do not emit poisonous fumes into the atmosphere.