Laboratory of «AzVirt» MMC has been operating since 1995. There are a lot of equipments produced in Germany, Turkey and Russia. Quality of materials and works at asphalt concrete plant and construction sites is controlled by laboratory.

The laboratory has been equipped with all required equipments for fulfilling the following tests:

Soil testing

Humidity determination

Instability range determination

Plasticity range and plasticity index definition

Shrinkage determination

Density determination - Pycnometer

Particle Size Analysis (Sieve) – Wet sieving method

Particle Size Analysis – Hydrometer method

Determination of soil compaction at site

Determination of bearing capacity with CBR method

Determination of soil filtration

Organic composition determination

pH index determination

Dynamic deformation modulus determination at site

Static deformation modulus determination at site

Maximum density and optimum moisture determination

Mineral materials testing

Determination of moisture of mineral materials

Density and water absorption determination

Particle Size Analysis of mineral materials (Sieve) (QOST, DIN, AASHTOO)

Flatness index determination

Elongation index determination

Determination of crushed stone grade

Abrasion test with Los Angeles testing equipment

Frost resistance determination (with natrium sulfate)

Determination of sand equivalent

Determination of crushed stone particles quantity

Mineral powder test

Concrete testing

Determination of concrete sedimentation

Making test cubes for concrete

Design works according to concrete grades

Determination of stability range of concrete samples in pressure

Schmidt concrete test

Determination of air content in concrete

Cement type determination

Cement setting time determination

Bitumen testing

Density determination

Penetration determination

Flash temperature determination

Softening temperature determination

Elongation determination

Bitumen type determination with Superpave program

Determination of ageing with RTFOT

Determination of bitumen ageing at high pressure and temperature with PAV

Determination of bitumen shear modulus and phase angle with DSR (Dynamic Shear Rheometer)

Determination of bitumen stiffness and relaxation with BBR (Bending Beam Rheometer)

Bitumen tightening force resistance determination (Polymer bitumen)

Frost resistance determination

Asphalt concrete testing

Asphalt concrete average density determination

Asphalt concrete actual density determination

Residual porosity determination

Porosity determination

Making Marshall samples and determination of stability

Yield point determination

Preparation of Marshall Mix Designs

Determination of particle quantity of asphalt-concrete mixture and bitumen quantity

Determination of nuclear compaction at site

Taking samples from site and determination of thickness and compaction

Flatness control with 4 m pole

Water saturation determination