Teamwork is the key to our success! We continuously invest in our personnel tj improve the efficiency and enhance our strength to be recognized as a leader in the road constuction industry. We encourage harmonious personnel relationships in order to promote team work among staff.

AzVirt gives great importance for customer satisfaction and employees of AzVirt are its primary customers.

The basic principle of human resources policy of AzVirt is a strict adherence to corporate principles and the creation of favorable conditions for the development of creative initiatives of employees.

The company has developed a team in which the knowledge and experience of professionals who have worked for many years in the construction sector, combined with the energy and healthy ambitions of youth, which makes alloy of innovative and creative ideas and guarantees the stability of the right decisions.

Position changes and giving career opportunities to employees is fulfilled on the base of maxim of equity, as directors and managers are selected out of employees. At the result of annual performance assessment procedure, competent employees are promoted to higher positions.

Training of specialists and development of their work abilities are the personnel policy priorities of the company. At present 1700 people are employed in the company. There are a lot of high qualified road construction specialists among them from Azerbaijan, Germany and Turkey. The main goal of the personnel policy of AzVirt is to bring well trained specialists to road construction. Professional specialists of the company are familiar with scientific-theoretical and practical aspects of road construction works. There are a doctor of science (professor) and a candidate of technical sciences in the administration of the company and with their scientific researches they are stimulating new successes in the activity of the company. As a result of these scientific-practical researches, various advanced techniques are applied in production and construction. It should be noted that, the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan has awarded Mr. A.M. Aliyev, founder of AzVirt LLC, with “Shohrat” order for his merits in the development of construction industry in Azerbaijan.

The company recruits not only professionals with extensive experience, but also young professionals who are ready to work hard, develop professionally and effor ts to achieve better results.

People with disabilities play an important role in our country as equal members of society. AzVirt, taking this fact into consideration, provides jobs for those people with disabilities for whom employment is one of the most problematic aspects of their life.

In AzVirt special importance is attached to development of corporate culture. Corporate events, touristic trips organized by the company allow everyone to see colleagues in an informal atmosphere, to understand each other better and improve their creative potential.

AzVirt has a flexible system of relations based on trust and confidence between employees.