Technical specifications and work volumes of the road:

720 000 m3
Sub-base course
260 000 tons
Base course
150 000 tons
Asphalt-concrete mixture
320 000 tons
Open drainage works
3 350 pm
Closed drainage works
1 006 pm

Reconstruction of runway, apron, taxiways of Ganja International Airport and the road from Ganja-Gazakh highway to the Airport was started in September, 2004.

The Company performed works for the purpose of reconstruction of runway (208 758 m2) with the length of 3 300 m, apron (100 000 m2), taxiways (76 000 m2) approach road to the Airport (60 000 m2), airfield territory and internal road (9 120 m2).

For comparison it should be noted that asphalt-concrete and base course used for the reconstruction of the Ganja International Airport would be enough for construction of the highway with 45 km of length and four traffic lanes.

The Airport was put into operation in October, 2006.