Rehabilitation of the road "Bishkek - Osh", km 508 - km 575. (pk 0+000 - pk 670+94.09, Madaniyat - Jalal Abad),
Kyrgyz Republic
2019 - 2021

Map of construction works

The road technical characteristics and physical work volume

Total length of the road
67,00 km
Width of traffic lane
3,75 m
Number of traffic lanes
2 lanes
Road pavement
791 000 m2
Thickness of asphalt-concrete pavement
130 mm
Earthworks (excavation and embankment)
798 000 m3
Capping layer
171 000 m3
Base course
205 000 m3
Asphalt-concrete mixture
248 000 tons
Number of bridges
9 pieces

Agreement between Eurasian Development Bank and the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic dated 20 March 2014.
Contract with Consulting Company Renardet signed on 28 December 2017.
Contract with Contracting Organization “AZVIRT” Limited Company (Azerbaijan) signed on 11 June 2018.
The contract period with Contractor is 48 months (between 29 June 2018 and 29 June 2022).

Length: 67 km.
Contributor: Eurasian Development Bank.

The development project on the Bishkek-Osh Road Rehabilitation Project, the section between km 507.5 and km 574.8, within the framework of Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Corridor 3 (Bishkek-Osh Road) Improvement Project, Phase 4 developed according to the technical specifications, issued on 26 September 2018 by “AzVirt” LLC.

The projected highway refers to the 2nd technical class. The road is located in Jalal-Abad region of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

The development project provides replacement of road surfacing with a new one, bringing the road geometry to the required class, an increase in the radius at bend in plan and longitudinal section ensuring visibility.

In order to improve the water drain, the project provides for the reconstruction of the entire irrigation canal network and pipe culverts based on a survey of existing engineering structures, the repair of existing bridges in good condition and the replacement of obsolete bridges in accident conditions with new ones. Reconstruction of pavements, border crossings and bus stops along the entire road is provided.

The project also provides for the reconstruction of utilities system falling under the construction area of surfaced portion of the road.

The projected road section Bishkek-Osh is located in the West-Central part of the country and connects its two largest cities and other important residential areas.