Technical specifications and work volumes of the road:

Total length of the road
15,00 km
Width of traffic lane
3,75 m
Number of traffic lanes
4÷6 lanes
Road pavement
290 000 m2
Thickness of asphalt-concrete pavement
270 mm
1 600 000 m3
Capping layer
100 000 m3
Base course
92 000 m3
Asphalt-concrete mixture
184 000 tons
Number of bridges
2 ea
Number of pedestrian bridges
1 ea
Number of tunnels
2 ea
Number of pedestrian underpasses
2 ea
Various diameter drainage pipes
19 000 pm
Concrete kerb stone
50 000 pm
Steel hand rails
10 000 pm

Construction works were started in May, 2013.

The opening of the road and transport infrastructure built around the Baku Olympic Stadium was held on May 19, 2015. The presiden Ilham Aliyev attended the opening ceremony.

The area of the first section constructed by AzVirt LLC within the project of "Construction of Hasan Aliyev street - Ziya Bunyadov Avenue - Olympic Stadium motorway" covers the area around the Baku Olympic Stadium. Works were fulfilled here in a high level. Two bridges were constructed along the highway. The length of the first bridge is 205 meters, while the second is 162 m long. The motorway is 900 meters in length and 30 meters in width, has two tunnels and a bridge for pedestrians. The length of closed part of the motorway is 92 m while the length of open part is 691 m. The length of the bridge is 115 meters. The tunnels link the Baku Olympic Stadium with Olympic Village. The main aim of the project is to provide a road traffic route from all directions leading to Koroglu Metro Station, both to the city centre and to Ganjlik Metro Station, via Hasan Aliyev Street. By creating easier access to international-category highways for vehicles from Baku settlements, the new highway will ease traffic in the city centre.