Construction works were started in October, 2015.

Track for Formula-1 Grand Prix 2016 has been designed by German Tilke’s Architecture Bureau. The track with the length of 6 km will consist of 20 turns: 8 right and 12 left turns. The track prepared as to order of "Baku Grand Prix" LLC has been designed for 340km/hour speed.

Two layers of asphalt cover will be repaired for races in the following areas: Azadlig Avenue, Pushkin, Khagani, Bul-bul, Zarifa Aliyeva, Aziz Aliyev, Gosha Gala, Istiglaliyyat, Niyazi streets and Neftchilar Avenue. For this purpose 40 000 tons of asphalt concrete works are planned to be executed.

Repair works are being fulfilled proper to high standards specified at the Specification for asphalt works submitted by "Tilke GmbH".

Profiling of existing road pavement in required level is fulfilled by 3D TOPCON electronic measurement equipment more accurately.

The quality of repair works is supervised by "Hart Consult International GmbH". "Armapal GL5/15" geogrid (asphalt reinforcement material) is used for paving asphalt layer. "Armapal" absorbs the tensile forces that occur in the surface structure and distribute them over a larger area. "Armapal" reduces the tendency for cracks to form in the road surface and increases the longevity of the surface.