Construction of Bilgah-Novkhanı-Sumgait motoway (km 0,00÷14,00)
2010 - 2013

Technical specifications and work volumes of the road:

Total length of the road
14,00 km
Width of traffic lane
3,75 m
Number of traffic lanes
6 lanes
Road pavement
472 500 m2
Thickness of asphalt-concrete pavement
270 mm
1 435 000 m3
Capping layer
244 700 m3
Base course
164 000 m3
Asphalt-concrete mixture
277 000 tons
Number of bridges
1 ea
Number of tunnels
1 ea
Number of pedestrian bridges
1 ea
Various diameter drainage pipes
37 200 pm
Concrete kerb stone
107 000 pm
Steel hand rails
34 700 pm

Construction works were started in February, 2010.

Construction of a tunnel in front of the Cardiology Center, one bridge and one pedestrian underpass were completed within the project. The tunnel in front of the Cardiology Center was built as part of the first phase of reconstruction of the Bilgah-Novkhani-Sumgait highway and the opening ceremony was held on July 4, 2012. Total length of the tunnel is 566 meters, the length of its covered section is 62 meters and its width is 23 meters. The tunnel was built with high quality. For construction of the tunnel and the retaining wall, 6 200 m3 of concrete and 650 tons of reinforcement were used.