Technical specifications and work volumes of the road:

Total length of the road
18,90 km
Width of traffic lane
3,75 m
Number of traffic lanes
8 lanes
Road pavement
995 000 m2
Thickness of asphalt-concrete pavement
270 mm
3 528 000 m3
Base course
346 000 m3
Asphalt-concrete mixture
645 000 tons
Number of bridges
6 ea
Number of tunnels
2 ea
Number of pedestrian bridges
5 ea
Various diameter drainage pipes
61 500 pm
Concrete kerb stone
145 000 pm
Steel hand rails
91 000 pm

Construction works were started in March, 2009.

On January 24, 2011, an inauguration ceremony for Airport and Bina road junctions was held.

Airport’s cloverleaf type junction has two levels. This junction will ensure fully safe and unimpeded co-ordination of vehicles traffic in two directions: Zykh Settlement - Airport and Baku City - Mardakan Settlement.

Junction’s total length is 6 757 meters. The structure of bridge is made of post tensioned reinforced concrete slab. The bridge has the length of 127 meters and width of 39.8 meters. For construction of the bridge 2 190 pm piling works (the diameter of piles is 1 200 mm) were fulfilled, 9 303 m3 of concrete and 1 270 tons of reinforcement were used. The area of 26 hectares surrounding the bridge has undergone reconstruction and landscaping work. Lighting works were fulfilled.

Bina junction was constructed to ensure unimpeded movement of vehicles from Bina settlement to the direction of Baku city and Mardakan settlement. Total length of junction roads is up to 3 700 meters. Bina junction overpass bridge is a cable stayed steel structure, with 40 cables holding the composite slab. The length of cable stayed bridge is 95 meters. Its width is 27,5 meters. The width of pedestrian sidewalks is 4 meters. It should be mentioned that Bina overpass bridge will serve as pedestrian crossing as well. For the construction of the bridge, 8 600 m3 of concrete, 870 tons of reinforcement and 2 200 tons of structural steel were used. The area of 8 hectares surrounding the bridge has undergone reconstruction and landscaping work. The modern irrigation system is created at the site. Lighting works were fulfilled.

Mardakan road junction was put into operation on October 4, 2011.

Mardakan junction is three leveled road junction with overpass bridge and tunnel. The overpass is an extradosed bridge with 28 cables. The structure of bridge spans is post tensioned reinforced concrete slab. The bridge has the length of 225 meters and width of 23,5 meters. Total length of the tunnel is 400 m. The length of the covered section of the tunnel is 55 m. 22 000 m3 of concrete and 2 615 tons of reinforcement were used for the construction of the bridge and the tunnel.

Opening ceremony of a tunnel and overpass of the Buzovna road junction was held on December 29, 2011. The construction of the Buzovna overpass and tunnel, which facilitate convenient entry into the Buzovna, Mashtaga, Bilgah settlements and the city of Baku, is also part of the measures to develop the road transport infrastructure in the capital. The tunnel is 365 meters long and 17 meters wide, while the length of its covered section is 41,5 meters. High quality building materials were used in the construction. The width of a two-lane overpass is 5 meters. A crossing has been built for the safety of pedestrians.