First-time application of stone-mastic and polymer asphalt concrete pavement in Azerbaijan

To meet the highest international standards in the road construction, the AzVirt LLC considers the scientific achievements of advanced countries, applying them in practice. The AzVirt LLC is the first company in Azerbaijan to adopt the production technology of stone-mastic and polymer asphalt concrete mix. The composition of this asphalt concrete includes activated mineral powder, the patent of which belongs to Professor Ali Aliyev, the AzVirt founder.
Today, this production technique is widely used in some CIS countries in the construction of highways and airport runways.

The conducted tests proved a number of advantages of the asphalt concrete pavement, including:

water, frost, high temperatures, and shear resistance;

cracking risk minimization;

resistance to the damaging effect of heavy cargo transportation;

saving of bitumen;

improvement of the service life of asphalt concrete pavement.